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Our Story

Marrian Fishes is a freshwater fish brand by Marrian Farms, Kozhinjampara, Palakkad. We deliver highly nutritious fresh water fishes fed with organic feeds.


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Our journey started in 2018, starting work as an integrated farm consisting of a variety of fruits, flowers, vegetables, creepers, tuber crops, poultry. We started our aquaculture practices by creating Kerala's second largest pond in 1-acre land. 


Sustainability is one of the main goals of our organic food production systems. We wish to manage food production as an integrated whole system that is meshed together into one whole production system. All parts of the operation are connected and integrated with each other, such as the nutrient inputs, the animals, the environment, and the wastes being produced.


The journey of ‘Marrian Fishes’ from the ponds to the kitchen is showcased by our live fish sales, making it easy for customers to choose from the best quality fish to cook at home. The retail outlets, home delivery and our live fish trucks across Palakkad serve live and fresh farmed fish to our customers.


Traditionally, freshwater fishes have been in much demand globally. Most people are dependent on sea food or sea fish. These fishes are generally stored in high chemical preservatives that can cause diseases like Parkinsons, etc. Through Marrian Fishes, we want to supply this demand by culturing fishes like Tilapia, Murrel, IMC and Karimeen through our high-tech scientific methods.

Why are Marrian Fishes healthy and tasty?

Seedlings are procured solely from the Govt./Govt. approved hatcheries following authorised breeding practices and maintaining good broodstock. 

Scientific sludge removal process undertaken twice a day to remove fish waste, uneaten fish feed, etc., from water before feeding. Qualified agriculture professionals test water quality parameters daily and maintain NCAAH-prescribed standards, with the help of our own e-Fish mobile app.

Integrated Farming: Our fishes are grown in a pristine environment where nutrient rich water from fish pond is used to irrigate 100+ varieties of exotic fruits, flowers, veggies, tuber crops, creepers, coconut trees, arecanut, mahogany, teak, super napier grass, etc.

Customers are sold only fresh live fish, 100% free from added preservatives such as Formalim, Sodium Benzoate, Ammonia, etc. which others use to preserve dead fish.

High-quality Fish Feed: Eggs mixed with 32-40% protein-rich floating pellet feed of international standards.

Pond-liner based Aquaculture for Tilapia farming, ensures no mud smell. Pond-making as per WorldFish guidelines. Hi-tech Aerators, blowers and injectors are used to maintain high dissolved-oxygen content in the water.

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