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  • Murrel

    Murrel or snakehead  (due to their snake-like resemblance) is known for its hardy nature and ability to withstand longer time out of water,  features which add great value to this fish in the market. Murrels are also popular for the specialised live fishes trade that takes place in India.

    • Nutrition Values (per 100g serving)

      • Helps in muscle formation (Protein - 25.2g)

      • Low fat content (1.7g)

      • Tender meat, making it easily digestible

      • Rich albumin content , helping maintain body fluid balance.

      • High vitamin and minerals composition (Vitamin A, Calcium, Phosphorous)


    • Delivery Details

      Currently delivery is only available within 25km radius of Palakkad.

    1 Kilogram

    Why are Marrian Fishes healthy and tasty?

    Customers are sold only fresh live fish, 100% free from added preservatives such as Formalim, Sodium Benzoate, Ammonia, etc. which others use to preserve dead fish.

    High-quality Fish Feed: Eggs mixed with 32-40% protein-rich floating pellet feed of international standards.

    Pond-liner based Aquaculture for Tilapia farming, ensures no mud smell. Pond-making as per WorldFish guidelines. Hi-tech Aerators, blowers and injectors are used to maintain high dissolved-oxygen content in the water.

    Seedlings are procured solely from the Govt./Govt. approved hatcheries following authorised breeding practices and maintaining good broodstock. 

    Scientific sludge removal process undertaken twice a day to remove fish waste, uneaten fish feed, etc., from water before feeding. Qualified agriculture professionals test water quality parameters daily and maintain NCAAH-prescribed standards, with the help of our own e-Fish mobile app.

    Integrated Farming: Our fishes are grown in a pristine environment where nutrient rich water from fish pond is used to irrigate 100+ varieties of exotic fruits, flowers, veggies, tuber crops, creepers, coconut trees, arecanut, mahogany, teak, super napier grass, etc.

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