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Gift Tilapia

Gift Tilapia

Delicious Gift Tilapia!

  • Nutrition Values (per 100g serving)

    • Helps in muscle formation (Protein - 25.2g)

    • Low fat content (1.7g)

    • Tender meat, making it easily digestible

    • Rich albumin content , helping maintain body fluid balance.

    • High vitamin and minerals composition (Vitamin A, Calcium, Phosphorous)


  • Delivery Details

    Currently delivery is only available within 25km radius of Palakkad.

1 Kilogram

Why are Marrian Fishes healthy and tasty?

Customers are sold only fresh live fish, 100% free from added preservatives such as Formalim, Sodium Benzoate, Ammonia, etc. which others use to preserve dead fish.

High-quality Fish Feed: Eggs mixed with 32-40% protein-rich floating pellet feed of international standards.

Pond-liner based Aquaculture for Tilapia farming, ensures no mud smell. Pond-making as per WorldFish guidelines. Hi-tech Aerators, blowers and injectors are used to maintain high dissolved-oxygen content in the water.

Seedlings are procured solely from the Govt./Govt. approved hatcheries following authorised breeding practices and maintaining good broodstock. 

Scientific sludge removal process undertaken twice a day to remove fish waste, uneaten fish feed, etc., from water before feeding. Qualified agriculture professionals test water quality parameters daily and maintain NCAAH-prescribed standards, with the help of our own e-Fish mobile app.

Integrated Farming: Our fishes are grown in a pristine environment where nutrient rich water from fish pond is used to irrigate 100+ varieties of exotic fruits, flowers, veggies, tuber crops, creepers, coconut trees, arecanut, mahogany, teak, super napier grass, etc.

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